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Ean establishes a Program to help people to develop career management skills. This Program sets out an approach to support the development and use of skill that best enable individuals to plan and pursue life, learning and work opportunities. In this the Program, these skills are collectively referred as ‘Ean Career Management skills.’Ean plays a pivot role in supporting young talent explores learning, job and career options to make informed choices. Helping learners also develop lifelong career management skills through the totality of our guiding methodology encompassing Subject, curriculum and interdisciplinary learning through community support networks, peers and family. With our customized Program we help to support young people in recognizing the range of skills they have developed through their experience and how these can support their progression and ambition beyond collage into work, training and further.

For Clients

Innovation is What We Believe

When talent is referred to as “Human Capital” where ‘YOU’ invest and expect return on that Investment ‘WE’ measure the talent and bring it to ‘YOU’. Entering into managing our skill reservoir, We identify a framework & measure the skill levels and at the same time provide ‘YOU’ a mechanism to work towards downsizing your future Attrition rate. Ean’s objective is to bring reliable and authentic Resources, assessed on various aspects of education, training and employment and provide a statistically valid multi-dimensional skill resource to judge the employment suitability of a large pool of employable Resources for you.

For Candidates

The Real world is soo different what we might have read and heard. We know how it feels to wait for a job opportunity which is meant just for you, but somehow you are not able to get that. EAN not only helps you to gain that opportunity but works as mentor to plan your carrier and bridge that gap and here we call it ‘career Portfolio Management’ (CPM). We not just only place but we Manage you today, tomorrow and Future.

The Team

The team consists of professionals who are not bounded by the laws of restrictive thinking. They tend to think out of box and sometime topsyturving the whole modus operandi to bring out efficient innovative work output and here we call them ‘P-NUTS- People- Neutralizing Unthinkable Solutions’. You don’t have to worry about where to get your work done, just be amazed about how many options you get from the our P-NUTS Team to implement it.