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The range of sourcing options available today is far more complex than the “two extreme ends of a spectrum”: maintain full control via fully owned operating centers or fully outsource end- to- end back office or IT processes to a third- party. These models were inflexible, often poorly integrated and frequently poorly executed. The new models are flexible, provide a range of options to fit every process, and appear to be commercially sound. They derive their strength from providing a range of options in terms of degrees of co- ordination and control appropriate for different kinds of processes. Variously called “RightSourcing,” “SmartSourcing” or “Global Sourcing”, these models blend service sourcing strategies along a continuum; ranging from fully owned (“captive”) to fully outsourced centers,located in multiple locations around the globe, - on- shore, near- shore and offshore. These strategies are used for business processes as well as voice and IT support services. We very well understand the basics and support on Claims Processing, Corporate Banking, Credit Cards, Investment Banking, Loan Processing, Property and Casualty, Retail Banking, Risk & Compliance, Settlement, Wealth Management.

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